To meditate, we can sit in any comfortable posture. Legs should be crossed or folded; hands should be clasped. And, eyes should be closed because eighty percent of the stimulation to our brain happens only through our eyes. Closing our eyes will restrict the ’outward ’ flow of energy.

The objective of meditation is to stop the routine and useless wanderings of the mind. Simply observe your breath, instead of spending too much time thinking about it and let your journey begin ...

Meditation is the ability to have clarity, untainted by feelings, attitudes, memories, negative and positive thinking, while not allowing other irrelevant thoughts to enter our mind. Once this is accomplished, we are in control of our thinking and we are firmly on the road to develop spiritual powers at will !

Meditation .. for How Long ?

One very natural query is, “ For how long should one sit for meditation ?“ Is there any thumb-rule that works for everyone ?? Yes .. there is !!

Everyone should meditate for a minute for every one year of their age. So if you are 20 years of age, start with twenty minutes of meditation in a day ; if you are 40 years of age, you need to meditate for forty minutes .. and, if you are 15 years of age, fifteen minutes of meditation in a day is sufficient.

One can meditate at any time of the day according to one’s own convenience. If a 50 year old wants to break up his meditation session into two sessions of twenty five minutes each during the day .. it is ‘ okay ’ initially.

Meditation is the first step towards controlling our material mind and outward senses. While meditating deeply, time passes quickly .. so do not be surprised if fifteen or thirty minutes in meditation seem like five !

Any struggle to keep eyes closed and keep thoughts away is only in the initial stages. Once you are into deeper levels of meditation, you tend to lose track of time .. as it is only in the material world that we do have a sense of time. In meditation, the Soul / Self gets connected to timelessness.

It is ancient wisdom that one can vitally recharge every cell of the body by doing meditation and by the exercise of will to tap the cosmic source of energy.

Frequency of Meditation

One needs to do meditation on a regular basis .. consistently. Initially, there will be some resistance as we tame our monkey-mind, but it gets easier and easier with repeated everyday effort.

One can meditate at any time of one’s choosing according to what suits one’s convenience. It is important to do this regularly .. every day .. that is all that is needed.

The important thing is to just meditate, ignoring the‘ how ’ and ‘ why ’ of the matter. Everything else will fall in place once we begin this timeless practice of Ancient Rishis and current Living Masters.