If you are interested in volunteering to help organize meditation sessions or spiritual science workshops in London, please send email to info@beamaster.org.uk with subject as VOLUNTEER.

Spending a few hours of your week for others is immensely enriching. Besides helping progress a social cause – voluntary service, educating someone or conducting social events – it gives you a different perspective to life. You will see and learn things that you otherwise wouldn’t have known. It also infuses a sense of gratitude and thankfulness into you and the person or group receiving your services. It helps go inward – beyond the mind and ego. Selflessness is a quality of the soul.

You can volunteer to organize meditation sessions or spiritual science classes. You can join others in promoting or coordinating such sessions. You can reach out to other like-minded communities, groups, schools and corporates and spread the science and practice of meditation.

Giving your wisdom to others - Sharing


One way you could help spend your time with others is to share your experiences on meditation. You could share your meditation journey and learnings from that. You can share the initial constraints you overcame to become a regular meditator. You can share the experiences you underwent in some of these sessions. You can share the spiritual insights you received during meditation. These will excite and inspire other people who have been wanting to begin or continue meditation.

You can do this in any form. You can write a blog post, record an audio or video or speak about this. You can share your knowledge from relevant books or your experiences from meditation regularly at meditation and spiritual events. Once you feel confident, you can even start teaching this simple Breath Meditation to everyone.

Giving your abundance to society - Donating

Wisdom highlights the importance of sharing and gratefulness for getting more of the same. Abundance grows with giving. Your monetary support to spiritual and social causes is important to drive large impact-making programs. A common form of sharing is to contribute a specific amount or percentage of income to charitable causes – every month.