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What Is a Pyramid

by Sreelakshmi Telaka

A Pyramid is a construction or monument with the square as the base and four triangular sloping sides meeting at a common point on the vertex at the apex. Each triangular sloping face is an isosceles triangle, with the two sloping sides being equal. The length of the equal sides are all equal and are […]

Five Layers of Self that drive your Health and Well-being

by pssmadmin

Every human being is made of five sheaths or layers of energy known as the Panch-Koshas that veil the light of the Self. These five layers are contained one inside the other like the segments of a collapsible telescope. You may also visualize them as the layers of an onion. The gross physical body that […]

Seven energy-points that keep you enthusiastic, energetic or sick

by pssmadmin

Do you know the cause for illness is not merely due to the physical body and all the organs that we study in biology class? Each of us is powered by a magnificent energy system that makes us feel blissful, happy, healthy or ill at different times. Understand the structure of this 7-point energy system, […]

Yoga and Meditation’s effect upon Energy Flows

by pssmadmin

The ancient practices of yoga and meditation have become very popular in recent times. And while it is true that yoga and meditation ought to be a regular part of every human’s life, do you really understand the depth and scope of these practices and to what extent you should practice either/both of these? Yoga […]

10 Things you need to know on how thoughts affect health

by pssmadmin

We keep hearing that positive thoughts are essential to stay healthy and yet, we can’t escape the onslaught of negative thoughts. In order to move from the negative to the positive polarity – and finally to transcend both the polarities – we need to understand how thoughts affect our health. Here are 10 essential pointers […]

Some Basic Laws of Spiritual Science

by pssmadmin

Over the last couple of centuries, humanity has reached a great understanding about the laws that govern the physical world, but the mathematically precise laws that govern the universe, are not so well understood. Great sages and saints of all time have applied and taught these laws for millennia, but earth’s scientific community had ignored […]

Conscious Creation in 11 Easy Steps

by pssmadmin

Conscious creating or cosmic ordering is an exact science, which works for everyone who follows these 11 steps diligently and in complete faith.  Know what you want  Our dreams are all about what we want and desire; hence it helps to be very clear about what we want.This is the planting of a seed. Our […]